Thursday, 30 June 2016

ASOS Wishlist

ASOS is always dangerous territory for me. I find I go on to have a harmless browse and before I know it I've made a massive order of things I didn't even realise I was looking for, it's just so hard to look without throwing 20 things into my basket!
Lately I've been having a huge clear out, I've found dresses that I've had for nearly a decade lurking in the back of my wardrobe and as much as they're still pretty, sometimes you just have to draw the line and get rid. Despite this sudden urge for a minimalist life, I've been really hankering to introduce 2 new additions to my wardrobe - dungarees and culottes.
I've always had a deep seated hatred of dungarees, so I'm not sure where this new obsession has come from, but I'm absolutely loving the look of plain black skinny ones worn with heels and a leather jacket - so simple yet cool and definitely my favourite kind of 'not-too-overdone' style. I've been looking on ASOS and found a couple of pairs I love, they're just so versatile, looking equally as effortless worn dressed down with trainers and a casual t-shirt underneath. My favourites are the third along from Liquor & Poker, hence why I've linked the front and back view.
Culottes are another item I never imagined myself wanting, but I think they look incredibly stylish, and can make a real statement; especially worn with heels. I think I want them in black (can never go wrong with monochrome) but I'm also in love with the pale grey linen ones I've linked to for the summer. Worn for the office, or cocktails, they look stunning.

Are you a fan of dungarees or culottes?

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