Friday, 10 June 2016

My 3 Favourite Primers

Primers are one of those funny beauty products I always think, you don't realise what you're missing until you've tried them. For years I didn't see the point of using a primer, apart from occasionally dabbing a bit of 'That Gal' from Benefit on. These days however, my make up never looks quite right to me unless I have some on underneath my foundation.
I seem to have a few in my collection, so here's my thoughts on them:

This is the newest addition and has popped up in several blog posts since I bought it. I really like the glow this gives my skin, there's definitely a bit of a shimmer about it which helps to brighten my complexion, but it's not overly shiny. A little goes a long way and I really like the consistency of this.

I got this little gem in one of my Glossyboxes, and I've used it loads (hence the slightly grubby looking tube!) This is a lovely creamy primer that also looks nice on its own without foundation. I often mix it in with my foundation to lighten it up, and then apply all over. It gives a really lovely smooth and illuminating finish.

Saving the best till last, this is my favourite of the 3. My love of Guerlain knows no bounds, and this primer not only looks and smells beautiful, it also really finishes my skin off, giving me a glow but no shine. It's subtle and you only need one pearl to last your whole face. I absolutely love this product, and am sometimes reluctant to use it because I'm so afraid of using it up! No logic there....

What are your favourite primers?


  1. I have always wanted to try the Mac strobe cream! I have heard so many amazing things!
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    1. It's amazing! Even better if you get the travel size like I did as then you can try it first!

      Lucy x

  2. i love the look of that guerlain primer! looks a mazing, definitely on my wishlist now!

    love, roz xx


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