Monday, 18 July 2016

Lush Bath Bombs / Mini Review

I'm a bit of bath bomb junkie and can never resist buying them from Lush. I had a huge binge of around the end of last year, I think I saw the Christmas range and went a bit mad! Having so many I decided to use up my collection of existing bath bombs (you can read that here) before starting on the next lot (OCD anyone?!) but now I'm finally all done and actually have zero left!
Here's my somewhat belated mini review of them:

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb
I really liked this one, it foamed up nicely and smelt gorgeous. It wasn't very bubbly, but it left my skin smelling really nice afterwards.

Peeping Santa Bubbleroon
This was another one I liked, although it seems like so long ago now I can barely remember it! It turned my bath water a lovely orange colour and smelt like tangerine, also very bubbly!

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar
I LOVED the look of this one and couldn't wait to use it, I did consider being a bit economical and using one ring at a time, then thought nah and threw them all in! This was lovely and glittery, and while I can't quite put my finger on the smell, it was really lovely and bubbly.

Star Dust Bath Bomb
This star shape looks pretty boring and I wasn't really expecting much from it, but I was pleasantly surprised! It smelt really clean and fresh and left my skin feeling nice afterwards. Plus it contains tiny little blue stars inside!

Snowball Bath Melt
To be honest, this one didn't really do much for me, it's only tiny and was also cheap so I didn't have particularly high hopes, and while it was quite pleasant, it wasn't really memorable.

Butterbear Bath Bomb
This is another hidden gem - although it looks cute I expected it to be quite non-descript but it made my skin incredibly silky and soft! It's also one of the cheaper bath bombs Lush sell. For softness I would definitely use this one again. 

Onto the non-Christmassy products now, and this is one that I've heard mixed reviews on. Personally I liked it, it fizzed beautifully in the water and smelt divine, the colour was slightly murky and it wasn't very bubbly but it didn't really put me off.

This is probably my favourite of the bunch, and my first purchase from the Lush Kitchen. It didn't disappoint, I love the flower petals and the beautiful pastel pink colour it turned the water. Gorgeous, I'd definitely get it again. 

Last but not least, Intergalactic is a bit of a cult favourite. I did like it, although I wouldn't say it was my absolute favourite. Again a lovely colour, smell and nice and bubbly, and the way it looked in the water as it dissolved was beautiful.

Have you tried any of the products?



  1. I really want to try the butterbear! I have heard such great things about it! They do all sound and look so good!
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    1. It's so good! And such a bargain too :)

      Lucy x

  2. Ah I'm so obsessed with Lush! Love the Christmas range :) xx

    1. Me too, I'm already excited for this years!

      Lucy x


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