Monday, 29 August 2016

A Few Recent Treats

A few little treats now and then to treat yo'self are essential, because, well, we're all worth it.
I've been really good on the splurging front recently, basically because I buy an obscene amount for myself every month and then stress about where my money's gone at the end of the month....
BUT this weekend I treated my friend out to lunch in Chester for her birthday, and couldn't resist picking up a few little things for myself while we were there:
First off we headed to Lush, and I broke my own self-imposed ban by picking up a few bath bombs, mostly because I'm going away next week and I always love to have a soak in the bath on holiday, and I don't want to take the chance of there being no bubble bath! I wanted to try a new bath bomb so following a recommendation on my Twitter, I decided to try Sakura, inspired by Japanese cherry blossom. It smells beautiful and also contains jasmine and mimosa so I'm hoping it'll be nice and calming. I had intended just getting one thing, but as two of my all-time favourites were in; Rose Jam and Milky Bath, I couldn't resist popping them in my basket too!
I also picked up some bargains, these Converse Star Player were reduced to only £20 as they were the end of the line, and having small feet I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy Juniors shoes which always makes them cheaper. Last but not least this adorable tee was only £3 from Primark, look how cute it is?! I love the simple crispness of the tee with the quirky pocket which I sadly can't link, but I'm so impressed with the price.

What do you think of my buys?

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