Friday, 30 September 2016

Lush Autumn Haul

As with every other man and his dog, the excitement for the Lush Hallowe'en range has truly been building for me. I love the seasonal ranges, I tend to find that's when I tend to do most of my splurges; so of course now it's October (and therefore justifiably Autumn) I hopped online over the weekend to pick up these goodies:

Sparkly Pumpkin is one of my faves, I always regret not buying more than one so this time I snuck an extra one into my basket, makes me feel less pressured about using this one up and then having to wait another year! (like the drama of Unicorn Horn all over again)

I'm not a huge fan of the shower cremes usually (apart from Yuzu and Cocoa) as I much prefer the lighter, fresh shower gels like Grass (bring it back!) and The Olive Branch. But I borrowed this from my friend when I was in Barcelona and loved it, so of course it had to be mine.

This smells beautifully fresh and I read online that it's basically the same concoction of 'Grass' so I knew I'd love it. It looks so pretty too, I love the care that goes into Lush products.

This cute little guy is actually a lot smaller than I imagined, and I'm always a little disappointed when I remember how small bath melts are, especially when they're the same price as bath bombs. But this contains mimosa and chamomile so I was immediately sold.

This smells incredible and I'm so excited to use it as I've heard good things. I was a little worried it'd be too samey with also having Sparkly Pumpkin, but the smells are totally different (this is super fresh) so my worries were unfounded.

What do you think of my picks?
Have you tried any from the new range yet?


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