Wednesday, 12 October 2016

5 Reasons Why Baths Are The Best

I LOVE having baths, especially in Autumn and Winter. I really can't deal with them in the summer, but as soon as the temperature drops I'm straight in the tub. 
Baths are definitely one of my happy places - a safe haven I feel relaxed in that seems to do wonders for my mind and soul, but I know loads of people who don't share my joy. If you're really not a bath person - that's ok. This is just a fun little post about why baths float my boat:

1. ....and relax.
As I said before, there's nothing like a bath for helping me feel relaxed. I love hopping in the shower to feel clean and fresh, but when I want to feel indulgent its a soak in the bubbles that does it. I like to lie back, let the warm water soothe and relax my muscles, and let my thoughts drift.

2. Me Time
I'm definitely a people person, but sometimes even the most social of us crave some alone time. I have a fantasy of living alone in a beautiful Parisian apartment with a claw foot bath and french doors that overlook the Eiffel Tower. Totally unrealistic but a girl can dream, and I adore the time spent alone in the bath with a good book and some candles flickering.

3. Refreshments
Depending on your drink/snack of choice, the bath is the perfect time to indulge a little. My favourite accompaniment is a glass of wine (how continental!) or a good old cuppa tea (how British!) to sip while I'm soaking.

4. Sleepy Head
If a warm room, relaxed muscles and possible alcohol consumption isn't enough to make you sleepy, then I don't know what is! I always feel ready for bed when I get out of the bath, which is why I always have them in the evening and never in the morning (I wouldn't ever make it to work!) and it's been scientifically proven that regular baths help you get a better nights sleep. 
Nerdy fact: when you get out of the bath your body starts producing melatonin, which controls your sleep cycles, fact fans.

5. Skin Goodness
Last but not least, baths are good for your skin. The warm water helps open pores and the bath products you use will also leave skin feeling silky, smooth and moisturised. 

Do you love baths?
Credit: Buzzfeed


  1. Baths are the bomb! Nothing beats sitting in the bath with a good read, nice drink and a face pack! I spend hours in there sometimes!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
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  2. I love BATHSSSS!!!! So so relaxing and always so exciting :D

    xx Sofia | SofiaaDot


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