Thursday, 27 October 2016

Zip World, Snowdonia

Though I definitely feel like I've neglected my blog lately, what I have been doing is getting plenty of new content to write about!
As is tradition on my birthday, I usually drag it out for as long as possible (personal record: one whole month) and do a couple of different celebrations. A few weeks ago, my friend surprised me by booking Zip World Velocity in Snowdonia, which is something I've been absolutely desperate to do since it opened. Zip World is the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest worldwide, it's basically the closest you can get to flying and it is truly awesome.

We had the earliest slot of the day (dragging myself out of bed at 6.45am on a dark Sunday was definitely a struggle!) and made our way straight to reception to sign in. Once we'd done that we were given a safety walkthrough of what would be happening to us on the wire. We had to put on our very nifty red boiler suits complete with metal bar to give a 'wing' effect, harness and helmets before being shown to the 'Little Zipper' which was a smaller wire used as a test run to build our confidence before the main event.
The 'Little Zipper' suddenly seemed really daunting as it looked massive, even though the top speeds reached are only around 45mph. My friend kindly volunteered for us to go to first which set me into a brief moment of panic as we had no one to watch to base the experience on! BUT being strapped into the harness was definitely the worst part as you feel quite vulnerable, but once I was in and off I absolutely loved every second of it.
After our test run, we travelled by truck higher into the mountains and slate quarry until we reached the main zip wire which stands at 500ft high and a mile long, with speeds reaching generally over 100mph. I absolutely couldn't wait for my go and it didn't disappoint, the views were incredible and I truly did feel like I was flying. It was over so quickly I wanted to go again, and while I was in the air  I loved every second.
The view from the Zip Wire
The company also do a huge underground trampoline set in slate caverns called Bounce Below which is described as being a 'subterranean playground' - definitely next on my list for sure.
I really couldn't recommend Zip World more highly, if you're after a unique adventure this is definitely the place for you.
Because I was limited in being able to take photos, I took the below from the website, the views speak for themselves!
Credit: Zip World
Credit: Zip World


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