Monday, 19 December 2016

Recent Beauty Favourites

I get a bit faddy with new beauty buys; I can go for months on end without buying a thing (good job I'm not a beauty blogger eh?) and the other times I start buying and then can't stop.

I love browsing the beauty section in TK Maxx because although they're sometimes a bit hit and miss, other times you truly do get some gems.
When I over-use a product it's usually because I've fallen in love with it and can't get enough, which is the case for all of these faves. I got them all on the same trip, and I think I definitely bagged some winners.

This is my current obsession, I found it on the off-chance while browsing the hair care and am now absolutely kicking myself for not picking up more than one. That's the worst thing about TK Maxx, you see something you love and then it's never there again! This smells so good and is jam packed full of vitamins and minerals so my hair feels soft, looks glossy and smells amazing.
I love this spray for making loose beachy waves. I'm definitely not into tight ringlet curls and after spending years avoiding even the hint of a curl, I've now embraced the loose wave. A little goes a long way and I spritz it through my hair just after curling to loose it up a little. 
OK, so I didn't buy all of these at once, but I picked up the broccoli and tomato masks and LOVED them. I absolutely love Korean sheet masks and these are particularly amazing so I bought in bulk from Amazon. I think I got 12 for about £15 which I thought was pretty good value - I'm already excited to try the red wine!

Have you tried any of my favourites?

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