Sunday, 4 December 2016

Why It's Ok To Be The Underdog

Christine McVie - image taken from Pinterest
I often feel like modern life has become a competition; we're all constantly striving to be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be. I'm guilty of it too; forever beating myself up for not EVER being the person who 'has it all'.

We all see these images of perfection where we now see anything less as being a total failure; we have to be the best, the prettiest, the most successful. But sometimes, I don't want to be those things. I want to be the underdog.
For me, there is something striking about NOT having to always be the best in life, and instead being understated about things. Blending into the background isn't always a bad thing.
While being a total wallflower admittedly isn't likely to get you far, having the cool, blasé edge of someone who isn't absolutely desperate for fame and success is way more attractive in my eyes.
I really do think there are so many people out there who don't feel the need to force themselves into the confining little box of 'success' just to be happy. 

We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and instead just BE ourselves. Being happy with your lot isn't a failing, and it's just as easy to pursue your passion quietly and modestly as it is to be the focal point.

The other night I was driving home and blasting a little bit of Fleetwood Mac out in the car and it made me think how everyone always raved about Stevie Nicks, who's boho fashion and distinctive voice were synonymous with the bands image. But happily there in the background on keyboards was Christine McVie; always understated, totally talented, achingly cool and even now looking incredible having maintained her timeless style (she also penned most of their best songs, IMO)

Christine was happy to let someone else take centre stage, as coolly confident in her own abilities to not need to be the main star, the sex object, the poster girl. Just doing doing her thang and loving it.

So in a world of Stevie's, be a Christine.
Being the underdog is so much more fun.

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  1. I really loved this post! It's so true we are all so obsessed with being the same with the same blog theme and instagram theme. Wanting to look the same! Screw that! I love being myself, I just compare but it's about time we all stopped and just let our own aura flow! The world would be so sad if we were all the same! Underdog for life!

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