Friday, 23 December 2016


A couple of weeks ago some friends and I decided to try out the new Wildwood restaurant that had opened in Llandudno. Wildwood wasn't a chain I was familiar with before, but a quick browse of their website showed they have loads of branches, particularly down in the south, and many of these include a cinema. Sadly ours is one of the few not to have a cinema, which is a real shame as that would have been such a unique selling point for this area, with nothing else like it.
Needless to say, we were really impressed with this place regardless.
The decor is very 'now' - a cool industrial style space with marble tabletops, exposed wood panelling and gold fittings. Very modern and aesthetically pleasing! The restaurant itself is airy, large and spacious.
The service was also really good considering it was newly opened and also very busy as it was a Friday night.
Food wise we all went for burgers, though I was really torn between that and having a pizza.
My two friends had a lamb burger with feta guacamole and pesto, and a chicken burger with buffalo mozzarella and bacon. I settled for the grilled mushroom and halloumi burger which was absolutely delicious! It was definitely the lightest option too as my friends were so full after theirs they struggled to finish. Portion size was good, with the meals being served on a tin tray.
We decided to go for a dessert too and after much deliberation I settled for the hot chocolate brownie with mint choc chip ice-cream, which was melt in the mouth good! My friends choices of chocolate honeycomb fudgecake and eton mess sundae also looked delicious, though I think I had the best option!
I really loved this place though and can't wait to go back and try a few other dishes.

Have you ever eaten at Wildwood?

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