Saturday, 21 January 2017

Less Is More

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Whenever I go and stay at hotels, I always feel a sense of calm surrounding me. 
Until recently I wasn't sure why that was, and assumed it must just be the change of scenery, but having thought about it some more I've now realised it's because in a hotel room, you are surrounded by very few possessions. Generally, you only take the minimum of what you need for your stay, and the rooms themselves are designed to feel that less is more. 
Basically, there's nothing there that isn't essential.

Recently, I've felt that this is a strategy I should be adopting in my own life. I have far, far too many possessions - most of which I don't need and some that I don't even want but keep out of a sense of obligation. I always think how much happier I'd be if I had less clutter, both physically and mentally.

Clearing out both my mind and also my material possessions is a goal for 2017. 
Consumerism is at an all-time high and I think so many of us buy things without even realising why sometimes, just because it's available at our fingertips.
Black Friday and Boxing Day sales no longer hold the same appeal for me, gone are the days where I loved nothing more than being in a busy shop hunting for bargains. While I'll always love shopping (I'm not exactly going to start living like a nun) I definitely think I need to scale back on my lifestyle and the amount I own.

Do you feel like you have too much 'stuff'?


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