Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lush Boxing Day Sale Goodies

So, the last scandal of 2016 - the Lush Boxing Day Sale!
From looking at Twitter it seems to have been the topic dividing bloggers all over - to queue or not to queue?!
This was actually the first year I'd even attempted the sale, and I tentatively logged on mid-morning to find I'd been allocated 75000th in the queue, so needless to say I wasn't expecting much!
By the time I got on (around 8.30pm) non surprisingly there wasn't much left, but I was still able to pick up 3 bath bombs I've never tried, so I was pretty pleased with that.

As these are all Christmas stock I obviously can't link to them now, but I got my mitts on
Northern Lights, Golden Wonder and Shoot For The Stars which all look and smell absolutely amazing! 
It looks like my January will be filled with lots of Lush bubble baths, which sounds perfect to me.

Did you pick up anything in the Sale?

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