Sunday, 29 January 2017

Redefining My Personal Style

All images taken from Pinterest
This topic is something I've been giving a lot of thought to lately - what does your personal style say about you? 
'Personal' style is just that, how we dress and style ourselves says so much about us as people.

For me personally, I feel like I've lost my way lately. Fashion has always been something I've been truly passionate about - and is really the reason I started a blog - but at the moment I'm really struggling to define my own style. Whereas once I found it so easy to throw together an outfit, and could honestly always say I knew exactly what suited me, these days I feel like I'm feeling my way in the dark and nothing quite fits.

When I envisioned my blog, I pictured mostly fashion related posts with lots of outfit photos, but I quickly realised that that wasn't going to be right for me. It could be because there are so many other fashion bloggers out there whose flawless, effortless style shines through and I just felt like there were already plenty of people who could do it better. Or it could be a lack of confidence; these days I just don't feel like my outfits are cutting it, it's almost like I've lost my mojo when it comes to styling myself.

Having said all that, I do still have a strong sense of identity, my taste hasn't really changed over the years even if my outfits don't always reflect it. I definitely still know what I like and my wardrobe consists mostly of pieces that fall within that style, but I've definitely noticed some changes in the way I shop and the way I dress.
As I've grown older my taste has definitely evolved, and I'm leaning more towards comfy-casual than glam-luxe these days, I also try and use the 'quality over quantity' mentality rather than buying 40 outfits from Primark on a Saturday. 

The photos above are heavily inspired by my general style, I like a beachy, casual look with a boho twist, and these are best how I would describe my own general fashion sense. Skinny jeans, crisp floaty tops, quirky tees, chunky knits, simple dresses, hats and an addiction to boots.

I need to tailor my wardrobe to include basic pieces that make me feel good about myself, that can be easily interchangeable and will last and stay looking good for many seasons to come, but I also want to step out of my comfort zone once in a while rather than always falling back on my failsafe of jeans, boots and knits!

How would you define your personal style?


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