Saturday, 7 January 2017

Strategies to Simplify Your Life

As soon as 2016 began drawing to a close, I started to think to the year ahead and what I want to achieve - one of the biggest things I need to get on track with is simplifying and decluttering my life. 
I find it so easy to get bogged down with life in general, as well as allowing clutter to build up both at home and in my mind which makes me feel irritable and impatient.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd list a couple of simple 'life-admin' tasks to help keep things easy and a bit more organised in 2017:

Throw Out

* all socks/underwear that have holes, saggy elastic or are just generally past their best. I find my dressing table drawers are overflowing with tatty underwear that get in the way of all my much nicer stuff. Just getting rid of these frees up so much room.

* any ornaments and knick knacks that do nothing except gather dust. Quite often I keep unwanted gifts out of obligation and bits of tat out of sentimentality, but really they don't serve any purpose. Getting rid of these gives everything a much cleaner, fresher feel and gives you more room to put the things you really love instead.

* all old make up you don't use, tatty make up brushes and make up/medication past their sell-by dates need to go in the bin. Not only are they taking up valuable space, they're also most probably pretty unhygienic. Washing brushes and make up bags is boring but necessary to stop spreading germs all over your face too.

* paper clutter - bills, receipts, bank statements and old magazines. I find doing these electronically saves me a lot of hassle, but if you prefer hard copies of important paperwork, keep on top of them and shred anything with details on you no longer need.


* furniture and homeware pieces you no longer need or that don't suit your home anymore, sell them on local pick up sites for a bit of extra cash or take them to a charity shop. Failing that, upcycle them for a whole new look.

* have a big clear out of clothes and shoes, if you haven't worn it for a year you probably aren't going to! And if you're keeping things because you used to love them, or because they hold happy memories but don't really suit you or make you feel great, then get rid. Again charity shops and places like TK Maxx are always grateful for any donations, and all that room in your wardrobe feels amazing.

General Life Admin

* unsubscribe from all those annoying emails you signed up for aaaages ago, that clutter up your inbox and you NEVER read. Having to delete pages of junk mail is boring and wastes time - one quick click on the unsubscribe button and they're gone for good.

* get rid of store cards you don't need or want - keeping them on just in case you 'll use the points up at some point is a waste of time; mostly they're just a temptation to make more purchases to justify them and the savings you do end up making are actually tiny.

* when you have time, sort out any direct debits you're making and figure out if you actually need them. Get new quotes for phone bills, car insurance, TV packages etc. I'm kicking myself for the ridiculous phone contract I took out and counting down the days until I can get rid - always shop around for the best quotes and save yourself some cash in the process.

Have you tried any of these?


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