Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Talika Cosmetics

Every once in a while I venture from my tried and tested beauty favourites and try something new, and it has to be something preeeeetty special to find its way into my regime. 
I'm not someone who regularly mixes up beauty products, and I tend to stay loyal to the items I know work for me and have stood the test of time. But now I'm opening my arms widely to the newest member of the gang; Talika

Talika is (like all the best cosmetics) a French brand that began in 1948 and originated by focusing on the growth of eyelashes and brows, and has since evolved to become a leading skincare company.
I stumbled upon them by chance when I received the 30ml Photo Hydra-Day Hydration Treatment in Glossybox one month, and from that point onwards I was completely hooked. Having always favoured a light and non-greasy day moisturiser that absorbs quickly whilst leaving a bit of glow, this was right up my alley and is without doubt one of the best moisturisers I've ever used. It really plumps up my skin and provides the perfect base for my make up. 
When I spied a few Talika products in TK Maxx, of course they had to find their way into my basket!
I repurchased the 50ml Photo Hydra-Day Hydration Treatment and decided to sample a few other products from the same range; these products use energy from natural light and contain hyaluronic acid which work deep within the skin to reduce dehydration. 
The Photo Pure Scrub is said to neutralise toxins and reduce sebum to leave the skin softer, more luminous and mattified. It really leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh, and isn't rough like some scrubs. I use this a few times a week in the morning before the moisturiser, and they really are the dream team!
Retailing at £39 on the website the Photo-Hydra Serum doesn't come cheap and luckily I nabbed myself a bargain! This is said to refresh and replump the skin and I can already feel an overall improvement in my skin's texture. I've always been on the fence when it comes to serums but so far this is a welcome addition to my skincare routine; I've been using this before the moisturiser in the mornings.
Finally I picked up the Photo Pure Foaming Cleanser. I was really torn between buying this and the Photo Gentle Cream Cleanser but I generally prefer a foaming cleanser as I find they leave less residue on my naturally oily skin and help dry it out a little. This leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and soothes any redness I have.

I got a such a bargain with these products and can definitely see me continuing to re-purchase them, I'm so fussy when it comes to skincare and very rarely find an entire range I really like that works so well with my skin.

Have you ever used anything from Talika?


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