Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ted Baker Treasure Chest

Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands, their underwear is second to none and don't even get me started on their PJ's! 
I've been lusting over their range of toiletries ever since they came out, but have never bought any, so my bargain of the year was definitely this 'Take A Bow' Treasure Chest that I managed to pick up for half price in the sales.
Every item is beautifully designed in Ted's signature floral style, and the pastel colours with rose gold lids are to die for and will look gorgeous in any bathroom.The chest contains 7 items, 4 of which are full size so it's definitely great value for money. I've always been undecided about which range I prefer so I was pleased as punch to find both in this set and both smell equally incredible.

Have you tried anything from this range?


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