Friday, 24 February 2017

February In Photos

Wow, it seems like this month has gone in the blink of an eye!
So much for my plan of blogging more regularly...but life has been busy and sadly this blog has fallen by the wayside a little.
February may have been over before we knew it, but here's what I've been up to:

At the start of the month I went for an overnight stay at The Quay Hotel & Spa which is a place I've mentioned a few times and one of my favourite places to go. As well as a delicious 3 course meal and a well-needed hot stones massage, waking up to this gorgeous view was a treat too.

This month my bestie and I have been cramming in as many coffee and chat Sundays as we possibly can. Probably our favourite discovery of the month was Harri's Portuguese Kitchen which is an amazing little eatery serving amazing coffees, Portuguese Pasteis de Nata and the best lemon buns I've ever tasted in my life. 

Sunrise, Sunset. Weather wise it's been a mixed bag here in North Wales (I'm looking at you, Doris) but we've been treated to some absolutely beaut skies. I've just had to pull over on my way to work to take some photos of the fresh morning skies. 

I've had a couple of lovely relaxed weekend trips out and about locally, including a stroll down the pier in Beaumaris where the views were so tranquil and calm. I've blogged about it in more detail here
We also went along to a local gallery to see a friend-of-a-friend's exhibition called 'Reading Between The Lines' which is all about the significance of washing lines in films. It' definitely an interesting concept, and one I've really never considered, but I really liked it.

Another new place to explore, we popped along to Tom's Hamburger House after work to sample their gourmet burgers. I'm not usually the biggest burger fan but I adore finding new places to try and this definitely didn't disappoint. I went for the safe option of the 'Cheesy Tom' but next time I'll be more adventurous!

We decided to throw a mini hen for my bestie ahead of the official big one in a couple of months, so surprised her with a meal at The Sea Shanty which is beautiful decorated quirky cafe filled with unique nautical goodies, and an extensive menu of locally sourced food. After our meal we headed for a (bracing!) walk along the beachfront to the Black Seal for cocktails. Such a good night!

Finally, the universally divided day - Valentines. As a singleton this year I really wasn't in the mood for celebrating, so instead we had Galentines with a meal deal from Waitrose. The food was actually pretty perfect, and the cute chocolate heart-shaped pudding was to die for.

How have you spent your February?


  1. Toms Hamburger house has just made my stomach rumble! xx

    1. It was amazing Eloise! I could eat one right now!

      Lucy x


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