Monday, 20 March 2017

2017: 3 Month Goal Review

As hard as it is to believe, we're getting on for nearly a quarter of the way through the year!
And while I say this every year, Christmas really does only feel like yesterday and I can't quite get my head around the fact it'll be April before we know it.
Back at the end of 2016 I wrote a post detailing my goals for the year ahead. I tried to aim for simple and achievable goals rather than the farfetched ones I usually set myself and never keep!
Here's how I'm getting on 3 months on:

Be Better With Money
Slowly but surely, I'm getting there though I still have a long way to go. I've tried to be a little more restrained with that I buy, but I'm no saint! I've started buying lunch less and assessing whether I truly need an item before throwing it in my basket, but I definitely think I've made a big improvement compared to how I used to be and my savings are thanking me for it. 

Think Less
I said in my original post that this would be the most difficult for me and that's definitely been the case; I mean how do you stop yourself being yourself?! I've made a few baby steps in the right direction, unfollowed a few people on social media that were getting me down, distanced myself from people who don't serve a purpose and tried to put things into perspective a little, but I've still spent too much time crying over things I can't change.

Keep Active
I'm still doing quite well with this one, obviously there is always room for improvement but I do make a conscious effort to keep moving wherever possible. I've always taken the stairs and parked as far away as possible, but I've also been going for short walks around the block of an evening when I have time, which has also helped with my digestion, so that's a bonus!

Less Phone, More Living
This one - amazingly I've actually come on leaps and bounds with! My Facebook use has halved and I've been making a conscious effort not to scroll social media before bed. I also go most of my work day without checking my phone now, only replying to texts when I get them or at lunch time. I thought this would be really difficult but the less I've used my phone the less I've actually wanted to.

Be Kind To Myself
This is also an ongoing thing, but I have tried hard to show myself some self care. I've been going to bed a little earlier (although not sleeping earlier which is my next goal!) and not pushing myself to do things if I don't want to do them. I've been burnt out before and it's not a good feeling so I try to give myself plenty of me-time, as well as doing things I enjoy. Lots of baths, lots of candles, you name it.

I'll update again in 3 months time when we're half way through the year (terrifying!)

How are you getting on with your goals/resolutions for the year?

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