Sunday, 2 April 2017

Living Without Purpose

So, this is a post I've been wanting to write for quite a while, and it's a topic that I'm sure divides opinion. 
I've quite frequently blogged about the modern day pressures life throws us, and there's no denying that while there are many, many advantages to being alive in the modern world, I also feel like in terms of pressure, it's an incredibly difficult time for lots of us.

From a certain age, women in particular are pressured into fitting in with social norms such as marriage and children, and this places us under immense pressure to keep up with the Jones' and have everything we could ever need, want or aspire to have at our fingertips, meaning that when the reality sinks in that for many of us that isn't happening, we feel like failures. Life often feels like a competition and people feel like they're falling behind.

BUT; another pressure I've noticed more and more these days is the feeling that everyone has to live with purpose, to live and breathe their careers, to reach for the stars and to obtain absolutely everything there is to obtain. 
And while there's definitely nothing wrong with goal setting and having high expectations, what if you simply want to enjoy the simple things in life without feeling pressured to exceed everyone's expectations of you?

I stumbled upon this quote online and it really summed it up for me:
I myself have goals I want to reach and a mental 'bucket list' of places I want to visit and experience, but I also firmly believe in the importance of being grateful for what you have and enjoying life for what it is without this endless pursuit of 'finding yourself' and 'proving everyone wrong'.
We live our lives through social media and absolutely everyone wants to show their best side. I mean, it's much more interesting to view peoples holiday photos, new purchases and achievements than it is to hear about the mundane details of their everyday life. 
But that isn't real life. Real life is the arguments, the stress, feeling worn out, working a job that doesn't fill you with joy because you have bills to pay, living in a less than desirable area, having days where you feel sluggish, unmotivated and bored. And while I totally agree that everyone should endeavour to live their best lives and make the most of things, it can be done in a small, simple and non-earth shattering way. 
Enjoying meals with friends, spending time with family, going for walks in nature, enjoying decorating your home, saving up for a holiday...this is real life. 

I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly what it is I want to do with my life. Looking at how my life is now is far removed from what I visualised when I was younger and I definitely want to work on improving myself, but I don't like feeling pressured to do everything and achieve everything. I already feel under constant pressure from myself without society adding to that.

Had a break up? Book a solo holiday and find yourself!
Crap day at work? Quit and work for yourself pursuing your passion!

Sadly life doesn't always work like that, it isn't a perfectly curated reel of photos. Everything doesn't always have to be perfect, life isn't non-stop opportunities for most of us, and that's ok.
Speaking for myself, my parents generation didn't have this endless drive and strive for perfection, they simply enjoyed life for what it was and didn't feel they had to constantly compare everything they did to everyone around them.
Modern life is exhausting for many people.

I may not have a purpose in life, or if I do then I may simply not have found it yet, but I strongly believe I can live a life where I'm happy despite that. I can still experience things, enjoy my days and care for people around me, even if I make no impact on the world.

What do you think about living a life without 'purpose'?

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