Thursday, 7 September 2017

Porto Photo Diary

Way back in July I headed to the beautiful city of Porto for a few days.
Porto has been on my travel bucket list for quite a while and it definitely didn't disappoint.
It's an amazing combination of old meets new - a vibrant, bustling city with so many extremely old beautiful buildings, cobbled streets mixed with high street shops and crumbling aged sections contrasting against the clean tiles.
The architecture is just incredible, and blue and yellow seem to be the predominant colour schemes in the city. There are beautiful old churches on nearly every street corner, each one incredibly ornate. The stunning Chapel of Souls above is a perfect example, it was built in the 18th Century and is situated in one of the busiest shopping streets in Porto.
One of our favourite places to head to was Ribeira, which is the old town that runs alongside the banks of the Douro. It was so lively and busy, with cobbled streets, buskers, old fashioned boats and plenty of streetside cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by.
Porto is definitely a foodie lovers paradise. Seafood is very prevalent as expected, but there are so many amazing culinary experiences to be had, and the tapas is out of this world. We stumbled upon Antiga Leitaria down a side street, which is a small unobtrusive bistro serving the most amazing local food. 
Other highlights include the huge indoor market, brunch in the iconic Majestic Cafe, the wonderfully ornate Porto Sao Bento train station and a boat trip along the Douro. We went early evening when it was slightly cooler, and just in time to see the magnificent sunset. 
Finally, no trip to Porto would be complete without some Port tasting! As we're not the biggest fans of Port we opted not to do a full day tasting tour (as amazing as it looked) and instead booked a city hop on-hop off bus tour which threw in a free mini Port tour. We headed to the Southern side of the Douro river (Vila Nova de Gaia) which is connected to Ribeira and Porto by the Ponte Luis I Bridge, and is where all the Port houses are situated. We tried some rose and tawny Port which were actually really nice, but not being a Port connoisseur I wouldn't be able to say if there was better out there.  
I really, really loved Porto and would return in a heartbeat. There's so much to see and do, and I'm sure if we went back we'd be able to find numerous things we didn't manage to squeeze in on this trip. 
There were a few 'tourist traps' we avoided, such as the cable car over the Port houses which to us seemed a waste of money as walking through Vila Nova de Gaia provides you with the same views, just without the price tag.
The other thing we wanted to do was Livraria Lello; a traditional bookshop with a huge sweeping spiral staircase and glass ceiling that looks beautiful, but due to the fact that JK Rowling used it as inspiration for Harry Potter, was overrun with tourists queuing as far as the eye could see. I didn't think I'd be able to get a single decent photo inside as it was so packed, so we reluctantly gave it a miss.
Have you ever been to Porto?


  1. These photos are stunning! I've never been to Porto but it's on my list! I went to Faro last September & it was gorgeous, very quiet but it was beautiful and so relaxing. We stayed in the old town by the harbour and it was such a gorgeous place! There was even a chapel made of bones!!

    Nicole x

    1. Thank you so much! Porto is really beautiful, I'd definitely recommend! I haven't been to Faro but when I went to the Algarve a few years ago I heard about the chapel of bones and really wanted to visit it!

      Lucy x


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