Friday, 8 December 2017

2017: 12 Month Goal Review

So it's been pretty quiet here on the blog front of late...

Life has been pretty hectic, mostly good in fairness, but I've definitely had some bouts of just not feeling like posting, and so I haven't. 
Sometimes in the past I've posted just for the sake of posting, but that doesn't always feel natural. So I decided not to force things, and instead to dip my toe back into the blogging world when the time felt right...

With having such a long break, I missed out my 9 month goal review altogether! 
So as I'm feeling inspired to put pen to paper, now seems a good time to update on my goals as the year draws to an end.

Be Better With Money
So I'm going to start on a positive note, not least because I'm pretty bloody pleased with myself but: I BOUGHT A HOUSE! At long last, I finallyyyy saved enought for a deposit, and found myself a little two-bedroomed, sea-facing apartment which has just gone through, meaning I now have the keys in my mitts. I actually can't believe I've done it at last, and I definitely am going to blow my own trumpet over it because not only have I had zero help financially, but it's testament to how much can change in a year, as this time last year everything felt a little hopeless and I was feeling lost after the break-up of my long-term relationship, and to be frank it just seemed like an impossibility. But finally I have a place I can call my own, and I'm so excited to start a new chapter of my life. 

Think Less
Well, I can't expect miracles in a year, so I'm still a chronic overthinker. I have phases where I'm better than others, and since the flat has gone through I've felt a bit of a shift in my attitude and have been feeling more accomplished than I've felt, well ever really. But having another knockback in my personal life over the summer when things seemed to be picking up hit me quite hard, and I needed a couple of months to lick my wounds and re-assess my priorities. Finally though I'm feeling better about things, so now I'm mostly just worrying about money and whether I'll ever be able to afford to eat anything other than beans for tea ever again...

Keep Active
Apart from being a potato every since November 1st when the nights became too dark to do pretty much ANYTHING after 4.30, I've been doing really steadily well with this. Over the summer I bought a bike having been re-introduced to cycling and remembering how much I loved it, and it's been an amazing investment. I've definitely slacked over the past few weeks, but I know things will pick up again after Christmas. I'm still fitting in as many walks as I can in a week so it's not all doom and gloom.

Less Phone, More Living
Hmm, yes and no with this one. During the day in work I'm not bad about checking social media, but I'm still pretty bad for obsessing and comparing myself to pretty much everyone who's ever lived of an evening when I have some downtime. This is still a work in progress and not something I'm gonna beat myself over, particularly as I've crammed loads in over the past 6 months, so I think I'm striking the phone/life balance quite well in general.

Be Kind To Myself
I haven't dedicated quite as much time to looking after myself as I probably should do lately, and who really does at this time of year?! I've been run ragged and haven't been getting as much sleep as I need, but I know this'll change after Christmas. Plus once I'm in my new pad I'll probably just move into the bath so there's plenty of time to rectify this one.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how my goals have panned out this year, and I'm definitely in a much happier space than I was this time last year, so I'm going to crack out the wine....
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