All views are my own and all content is written by me.

I'm more than happy to collaborate with brands provided they are in keeping with my own personal taste and the style of my blog. Should you wish for me to review/write about a product please contact me through one of the channels stated, however if the product in question is not something I would personally use/endorse, please do not be offended if I decline.

Should I review a product, you can trust that my true opinion will be reflected - positive or negative.

I am unable to review products without being provided with a sample, as that would not be honest.
I will also not compromise my integrity by allowing a third party to pre-write any content featured on YellowIcing.

If a post is sponsored/written in collaboration, it will be clearly marked with a *
Having previously had my fingers burnt, I will no longer write a collaborative post for no reason other than promotion for the company, as companies wanting a free post rarely return the favour by sharing said post via their social media channels.

Finally, as this blog is written by myself, all wording is my own. Writing a post takes time and effort, and I have previously been contacted by companies requesting I change the wording, or remove the fact the post is sponsored/collaborative. Unfortunately, once the post is live, it will not be amended so please do not ask me to change my words.

Thank you x

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